About Us

Our Story

FILO was basically born out of frustration. Florida Federal Firefighter/EMT Sean Conant got tired of his annual uniform stipend barely covering the cost of a couple pairs of pants and a shirt. Not to mention the struggle to find items that were actually in stock and then the ridiculous wait for them to arrive.

In a world where you can press a button on your phone and things arrive at your door that same day, why was it so difficult to get the clothes he needed to do his job? Something had to change. So, in true firefighter “go get em” attitude, he decided to be the one to change it.

Sean partnered up with his friend Dan McLaughlin, a brother and uncle (twice over) to firefighters, to disrupt the market and create a firefighter uniform brand that actually cared about firefighters.

Together they realized that while they can’t make the job easier, they can certainly make dressing for it a lot easier… and faster… and less expensive.

About FILO

FILO specializes in PFAS-free Nomex® fire station wear for both men and women. We manufacture Nomex® pants, Nomex® Class B shirts (short sleeve and long sleeve), and Nomex® shorts in a variety of colors. We are proud to provide free inseam tailoring for our fire station pants. And we offer everything you need to complete your fire station shirt, including custom name tapes and badge holders

We are especially proud of our line of women’s fire station wear. Our goal was to offer women firefighters a uniform that’s built for the job while maintaining a feminine look and feel. And we’re happy to report that our female customers have said we nailed it!

Now Brewing FILO FUEL Coffee

And just as important as a uniform is to get the job done, so too is coffee for first responders. FILO FUEL was created so firefighters can enjoy higher-quality, better-tasting coffee during their long shifts.

Because we are a firefighter owned and operated company, we're committed to supporting our brothers and sisters on and off shift. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every canister of FILO FULE sold goes to helping firefighters battling PTSD and other mental health challenges caused by the traumatic scenarios they’ve faced on the job.

The Filo Difference

Women’s Line

Ladies - there’s no reason you should have to buy men’s uniforms and then spend more money tailoring them to actually fit you. We are proud to offer (and continue to grow!) our women’s uniform line.

Free Shipping

Here’s how we see it - when you spend your days and nights risking your life to save others, you shouldn't pay for shipping on the uniforms you have to wear while doing it.

Direct From Manufacturer

The days of unnecessary middle layers of wholesalers and retailers are gone. So we cut them out. That means you pay less for the uniforms you need and get them quicker.

Firefighter Owned & Operated

How did we know the current uniform system was broken? Because we’ve been dealing with it for 15+ years. We’re committed to helping our fellow firefighters and promise the mission of this company will always put firefighters first.

Free Inseam Tailoring

What’s the point of getting pants that are a foot too long? Nobody wants to spend time going to the tailor. We’re already making your pants; might as well hem them for you too.

Meet The Team

Dan McLaughlin


Sean Conant

Vice President/Sales

Engineer, Firefighter/EMT

Monique Lomax

Vice President/Customer Service

Jimmy Pickett

Community Outreach

Assistant Chief of Operations, Firefighter/Paramedic