Fueling & Supporting Our Heroes One Cup at a Time


FILO stands for First In, Last Out, a popular saying in the fire department and one that firefighters live by with pride. Coffee is a big part of many peoples’ lives, but for firefighters, it’s the fuel that helps them to save lives.

We created FILO FUEL so firefighters can enjoy higher-quality, better-tasting coffee during their long shifts. We are a firefighter owned and operated company dedicated to supporting our brothers and sisters on and off shift. That’s why a portion of proceeds from every canister goes to helping firefighters battling PTSD and other mental health challenges caused by the traumatic scenarios they’ve faced on the job.


Supporting Our Heroes

When your job is to be First In, Last Out in emergency situations, you’re exposed to a lot of trauma. Every shift. Over an entire career. That takes a toll on even the toughest of firefighters. The importance of behavioral health resources and suicide prevention initiatives for firefighters isn’t widely known or discussed by the general public, but it was recently deemed a critical issue by the U.S. Fire Administration.

As a firefighter focused company, owned and operated by a firefighter, we feel it is our duty to help save the lives of those who’ve dedicated their lives to saving others. That’s why FILO FUEL supports Next Rung, a firefighter founded and operated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help combat mental health issues among firefighters and first responders. Next Rung provides peer support, professional counseling, and inpatient treatment to firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics battling behavioral health issues - including PTSD - from the traumatic scenarios they encounter on the job.

For every canister of FILO FUEL coffee sold, FILO donates a portion of the proceeds to Next Rung to help get first responders the support they need.

About Our Coffee

FILO FUEL coffee is made using 100% Arabica beans grown on farms in the mountains of Nicaragua, making FILO FUEL a Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee. The high altitude climate where the beans are grown ensures FILO FUEL is a higher quality coffee with a premium flavor that most mainstream brands struggle to achieve. The coffee farms we work with have over 75 years and four generations of family-owned coffee production experience.


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